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Handpan Cost: Insights For New Musicians

by Henter Feng 03 Jul 2024

You want to purchase your first handpan? Well, this is the correct place! But before you go out into the market, read this guide on the factors influencing handpan prices.

What is a Handpan?

A handpan has many different names like the hang drum, or a pantom, and it is a unique musical instrument. Its ethereal sounds can mesmerize anyone. However, these instruments come at a price. Understanding why will help you make an informed purchase.

How Much Does a Handpan Cost?

The prices of Handpans usually are around $1,200 to $3,500, but they can vary due to various factors.

Factors Influencing Handpan Prices

Quality and Craftsmanship: To make a handpan, the creators have to first shape it, tune it and then perfect it; thus, high quality handpans are significantly pricier.

Number of Notes: Handpans with more notes cost more. Beginners usually go for lesser notes like 7 to 9-note handpan, but if you’re not a beginner, you might purchase a handpan with 10 to 17 notes.

Brand and Maker Reputation: A reputable store charges higher for the handpans because of their commitment to delivery top-tier quality. Renowned makers like Cosmo Handpan USA are known for their exceptional instruments.


Why Are Handpans So Expensive?

Time and Effort: When handpan makers create a handpan, it takes a long time to finish it. It can take several months to complete one instrument. Each step of the process requires extensive focus and details.

Supply and Demand: The demand for handpans exceeds the supply. There are less handpan makers, thus the prices remain high.

Additional Costs: There's a base buying price for a handpan, but when you purchase it internationally, the taxes and shipping costs increase.

New vs. Used Handpans

You might find cheaper options in the second-hand market. Used handpans can cost as low as $400. However, you must note that buying used handpans has its own risks. Before you purchase it, make sure that the handpan is maintained and tuned. Furthermore, purchase is from a reputable source so there’s a lesser risk.

Best Handpans for Beginners

As a beginner, starting with a basic 7 to 9-note handpan is wise. These instruments are more affordable and easier to play. You can find quality beginner handpans from reputable brands online.

Intermediate and Expert Handpans

For more experienced players, a handpan with 10 to 17 notes offers a broader range of sounds. These instruments are more expensive but provide greater versatility. Custom handpans tailored to your preferences can be an excellent investment.

Where to Buy a Handpan

Online Retailers: Websites like Cosmo Handpan USA offer a variety of handpans. Buying online provides convenience and access to customer reviews.

Music Stores: Visiting a music store allows you to test the handpan before purchasing. Compare different models and choose the one that feels right.

Direct from Makers: Purchasing directly from a maker can ensure quality and authenticity. You might also get a better price by avoiding middlemen.

Evaluating Cost vs. Quality

Investing in a quality handpan is worth it. A well-made handpan offers better sound richness, durability, and value retention. Although more expensive, these instruments provide a superior playing experience.

Tips for Finding the Best Deals

Research Thoroughly

Understand the Brand and Maker: Not all handpans are created equal. Spend time researching the brands and individual makers. If you go for an established brand, you might get excellent quality by paying a hefty sum while lesser-known brands have excellent handpans at a lower price.

Read Reviews: You should know that reading reviews left by other handpan owners can provide you with insights about the sound quality, the build and the customer service of the seller.

Join Online Communities: When you engage with other handpan enthusiasts through forums and social media, you learn a great deal about great places for recommendations and other people’s experiences.

Compare Prices


Multiple Sources: Don't settle on the first handpan you find. Check prices on various platforms, including online retailers, direct from makers, and in music stores. Each source might have different pricing and offers.

Consider Total Cost: If you’re purchasing the handpan internationally, be mindful of the sales tax and shipping costs!

Return Policies: A good return policy is extremely important! It will help you in case you’re not satisfied with the product.

Look for Sales

Promotional Periods: There is a lot of discounts during holiday seasons like Christmas, or Black Friday. Keep a note of these periods to avail the discounts.

Clearance Sales: Certain handpan retailers clear out their older stock to have space for newer stock, and these sales have significant discounts.  

Email Newsletters: You should subscribe to newsletters from handpan makers to get early access, discount codes and exclusive offers.

Social media: Follow handpan makers and sellers on social media. Handpan makers might have flash sales, promotions and discount codes for you to use.

Direct Purchase from Makers

Building a Relationship: Build a direct relationship with the handpan maker so you can get better deals. You should know that hang drum makers sometimes offer discounts on direct purchases.

Custom Orders: Negotiate directly with the handpan maker so you can get the best custom deal.

Consider Second-Hand Options

Verified Sellers: If buying used, opt for verified sellers on reputable platforms.

Inspection and Trial: Look at the handpan in person to see if it is in good condition.

Warranties: It is important that the second hand handpan has a warranty.

Be Patient and Mindful

Don’t Engage In Impulse Buying: You’ll be investing a huge sum of money to the handpan purchase so make sure you’re fully on-board with it.

Set a Budget: A budget for purchasing a handpan will help you manage your finances better.

Utilize Layaway Plans

Flexible Payment Options: You can pay for the handpans in installments too, making it easier to afford pricier options.

Interest-Free Plans: Look for interest-free payment plans to avoid additional costs.

Attend Handpan Gatherings and Festivals

Direct Deals: Handpan gatherings and festivals are great places to meet makers and try out different instruments. Sometimes, makers offer special deals at these events.

Networking: Building connections with other players and makers at these events can lead to discovering great deals and getting insider tips on where to buy.


Knowing and understanding the factors influencing handpan prices will help you decide which one to get far easily. The quality of a handpan is a crucial element so before you invest in it, take your time to do research.

Cosmos Handpan Online Store

The team behind Cosmos Handpan is made up of skilled craftsmen, each with their own unique talents and expertise. They work tirelessly to create instruments that are not only beautiful to look at but also a joy to play. Each handpan is carefully crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that every note is perfectly tuned.
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