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Handpan Instrument: How to Incorporate It into Your Meditation

by Henter Feng 21 Nov 2023

You are watching short videos on any social platform late at night, and suddenly, you see a video with a mysterious and calm sound. But you suddenly swiped up that video and realized, wait, what was that sound? Then, you returned to that video of the sound of a Handpan Instrument and listened to that sound. It was so calm and refreshing. Then, you fell asleep.

The Handpan is made from steel, and it has gentle and calm notes. Anyone can play it with their hands. You can even learn it by yourself. But, if you need to learn, then listen to other Handpan artists. It can help you to develop your kind of music. You can even set a reminder to practice daily and don’t skip a day.


Meditation is a technique where you can clear out unnecessary thoughts in your mind.

  • You should find a peaceful place to sit. Sit straight and close your eyes.
  • Your two hands should be on your knees and do a “Mudra” of your choice.
  • You can chant a “Mantra,” or you can meditate silently.

Now, how can you use a Handpan Instrument while meditating? Well, continue reading to know the details about it.

How to Incorporate a Handpan Instrument into Your Meditation:

The Handpan Instrument is perfect for the meditation process. If you start playing with your hand and concentrate on its calm notes, you have yet to learn of time. It is an addictive one, for sure. If you have family and friends who want to meditate with you, then grab your Handpan and find a place where there is no noise.

  • If you are doing it alone, then first sit on the floor or a mat in a quiet place.
  • Grab your Handpan and place it on your lap. First, explore different notes till you strike your desired music.
  • Start playing it after finding your desired note. Concentrate on the music that it will produce.
  • Remove all the unnecessary thoughts and feel its warm and rhythmic sound. You can imagine that that music is flowing within you.
  • Feel the vibration within you. Practice it every morning or anytime you want and see the results.

Benefits of playing a Handpan:

You will achieve many benefits from playing your Handpan.

  • You can see the calmness within yourself. You can feel that all of your anxieties and depression have gone away.
  • You are now more focused on your life and your health, especially your mental health.
  • You currently have clarity on your thoughts, goals, and ideas. You know, It can heal you from the inside out.

You can play your Handpan Instrument while you are doing meditation and even in yoga practices. If you are new in this musical world of Handpan Drums, try doing some normal notes. You should be able to play by yourself after some time of practicing it. Keep exploring your type of rhythms with whom you can relate and combine them with your focus. It will be a gift for you within no time. Happy Striking your Handpan Drum!



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