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Handpan Music: The Art and Science of Playing the Sound Sculpture

by Henter Feng 21 Nov 2023

Music has the power to change someone's mood from sad to happy and vice versa. If someone is having a bad day, then music can heal them. Handpan Music is so lyrical and warm that it can help you to focus on anything. Its notes and music can lift your mood and heal you from the inside out.

How to Choose the Perfect Handpan for Your Music Skills?

If you are planning to purchase a Handpan, then take your time. Rather, research more and more while choosing the perfect instrument for your music skills. Some factors you should consider if you are going to purchase one:

Quality: Well, if the quality of a Handpan is just normal, then don't consider buying it. If it has poor quality, it will produce poor-quality music as well. You don't want that, right? So, before buying one, always look for a good quality that fits into your budget as well, even if you are purchasing a second-hand one.

Tuning of a good Handpan: Listen to the Handpan Music first before buying it. Know its tunes by listening to some videos on the internet. The more you listen to the music of Handpan, the more you can validate the sound quality of it in the shop. A tuned harmonic and a balanced note are the most important parameters of the good quality of it.

Country of Origin and Brands: If you are ready to buy a Handpan, then go for the instruments that are made in Europe or France. You have to learn more about which country of origin has the best quality Handpan you can start with if you are a beginner. You can also visit the manufacturer's company to see the quality.

Model of Handpan: Well, there are different models in the Handpan world you can choose from. If you are a beginner and you want to learn first, go for some standard ones like 8, 9, and 10 notes or have bottom notes or 11 to 15 letters.

Price: Yes, it is an important factor to consider because money can help you to choose good quality products. Never purchase from websites that are trying to sell Handpan for a cheaper price. It is up to you how you will deal with the quality and money at the same time. Look for good after-sale services in a company that sells Handpan.

Different Types of Instrument Materials for Your Handpan Music:

There are 4 different types of handpan materials, those are:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Raw Steel
  • Coated with Steel
  • Nitrided Steel (Original Hang Material)

Trust your instincts while purchasing a Handpan from a shop or a third-party seller. Remember to ask about their return policies or exchange policies. When you first start listening to the Handpan Music, you will like the vibe of it for sure. First, you have to explore more while striking the Handpan, and then you will learn in no time. You can go to the workshop to listen to the music, and you can even try to play with it.

Cosmos Handpan Online Store

The team behind Cosmos Handpan is made up of skilled craftsmen, each with their own unique talents and expertise. They work tirelessly to create instruments that are not only beautiful to look at but also a joy to play. Each handpan is carefully crafted with precision and attention to detail, ensuring that every note is perfectly tuned.
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