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Care Tips To Maintain Your Handpan For A Long Time

by Henter Feng 20 Jun 2024


Maintaining your handpan is essential to ensure it lasts for years. With proper care, you can keep your instrument sounding beautiful and looking great. Follow these tips to maintain your handpan effectively.

Play on Soft Surfaces

Always play your handpan on a soft, flat surface. This prevents scratches and damage. Avoid playing with hard sticks or hammers, as they can dent or scratch your instrument. The delicate surface of your handpan requires gentle handling to maintain its integrity and sound quality.

Clean Regularly

Learn how to clean your handpan. Wipe your handpan after each use so you can remove dust and oils. To do deeper cleaning, you should use room temperature water with mild soap. Try to not use harsh chemicals that can lead to damage on the surface. Regular cleaning keeps your handpan looking new and preserves its sound.

Use Alcohol for Thorough Cleaning

For a more thorough cleaning, use isopropyl alcohol. Rub the surface gently with a tiny amount of alcohol. Alcohol evaporates quickly, reducing the risk of oxidation. Always dry your handpan completely after cleaning.



Protect Against Rust

Rust can ruin your handpan instrument. After cleaning, apply a protective oil using a soft, lint-free cloth. This creates a barrier against moisture and corrosion. Store your handpan in a dry place and use a protective cover.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Extreme temperatures can damage your handpan. Keep your handpan drum safe from direct sunlight. Cold temperatures can also affect its tuning. Keep your handpan in a stable, moderate environment.

Handle with Care

Always handle your handpan with clean, dry hands. Avoid playing your handpan steel drum with greasy or dirty hands to avoid stains. Do not drop or bang your handpan steel drum, as this can cause significant damage.

Remove Minor Rust

If you notice rust, clean it immediately. Use a soft cloth with a little oil to rub away the rust. For severe rust, use a soft-bristled wire brush. After removing rust, apply an anti-rust product to prevent it from returning.

Store Properly

Store your handpan in a protective case when not in use. This prevents dust and moisture from accumulating. Store your handpan in a dry and cool place that is safe from sunlight.

Transport Safely

Use a specially designed carrying case when transporting your handpan. This protects it from shocks and vibrations. Avoid leaving it in extreme temperatures, especially in a parked car.

Repair Minor Scratches

For minor scratches, use a mild polishing paste and a soft cloth on the handpan. Gently rub the surface until the scratches disappear. Scrub the handpan gently as scrubbing too hard can cause further damage.

Call a Professional for Major Repairs

For major repairs, such as dents or cracks, consult a professional. Improper repairs can cause irreversible damage. Ensure the repairman has experience with handpans and uses appropriate tools.

Importance of Proper Handling

Proper handling of your handpan goes beyond just cleaning. Avoid stacking objects on top of it. Keep it in a secure location where it won't be knocked over. Handling your handpan with care prevents accidental damage and ensures it remains a cherished instrument.

Finding a Handpan

If you are looking to "Buy Handpan" or "Buy Hang drum," consider reputable sources like Cosmos Handpan USA. Ensure you choose a well-crafted instrument that will last. Quality handpans provide better sound and are easier to maintain.


Taking care of your handpan ensures its longevity and sound quality. Cleaning your handpan regularly, properly storing it and carefully handling the handpan is the key to ensuring you enjoy your handpan drum for a long time. 

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