Hang drum price 2024

The price of a Hang Drum (or handpan, as they are often called) varies widely based on factors such as the maker, material quality, craftsmanship, and country of origin. Here's a detailed look at the price ranges you can expect for different categories of Hang Drums:

1. Entry-Level Hang Drums

Hang drum price 2024

Cosmos Steel Tongue Drum | 10 Inch 8 Notes Tank Drum For Yoga & Meditation With Gift Set $99.00

These are usually mass-produced and can be a good starting point for beginners. They offer decent quality at an affordable price.

  • Price Range: $300 - $1,000
  • Examples:
    • Ding Dongs Handpans: A basic handpan that offers a good introduction to the instrument without a high cost.
    • Handpan Guru: Provides beginner-friendly models that are accessible in price but still deliver a pleasant sound.

2. Mid-Range Hang Drums

These handpans are often handcrafted and offer better sound quality and durability compared to entry-level models.

  • Price Range: $1,000 - $2,000
  • Examples:
    • RAV Vast: Known for their quality and unique scales, RAV Vast handpans are popular among intermediate players.
    • Yishama: Offers handcrafted handpans that are well-regarded for their rich sound and resonance.

3. High-End Hang Drums

Cosmos Handpan - Gerbera, 9/10/12 Notes In D Minor - Tambourine Gift Set $1,480.00

High-end hang drums are typically made by renowned makers and offer exceptional sound quality, craftsmanship, and aesthetic appeal. These instruments are often custom-made.

  • Price Range: $2,000 - $5,000+
  • Examples:
    • PANArt Hang: The original makers of the Hang, PANArt instruments are highly sought after and priced accordingly due to their superior craftsmanship and sound.
    • Ayasa Handpans: Known for their meticulous craftsmanship and beautiful sound, Ayasa handpans are favored by professional musicians.

4. Custom and Limited Edition Hang Drums

Custom-made and limited edition hang drums can be even more expensive due to the personalized design and exclusivity.

  • Price Range: $5,000 - $10,000+
  • Examples:
    • Halo by Pantheon Steel: Custom options and limited editions from Pantheon Steel can be quite expensive, reflecting their unique design and superior craftsmanship.
    • Echo Sound Sculptures: Offers bespoke handpans that can be tailored to specific preferences, with prices reflecting the high level of customization.

Additional Considerations

  • Shipping Costs: Depending on where the instrument is being shipped from, shipping costs can add significantly to the total price, especially for international orders.
  • Accessories: Cases, stands, and maintenance kits are additional costs that should be considered when purchasing a handpan.

Where to Buy

  • Direct from Makers: Buying directly from the makers can sometimes offer better prices and the opportunity to customize your instrument.
  • Music Stores and Online Retailers: Websites like Handpan.org, Handpan Guru, and others offer a variety of models from different makers.
  • Second-Hand Marketplaces: Platforms like eBay, Reverb, and specialized Facebook groups can have second-hand options that might be more affordable.


The price of a Hang Drum can vary greatly depending on the quality, maker, and level of craftsmanship. Whether you are a beginner looking for an entry-level model or a professional seeking a custom-made instrument, there is a wide range of options available to suit different budgets and preferences.

Hang drum price