What instruments are similar to handpan?
The handpan, with its captivating and melodic resonance, has carved a niche for itself in the world of percussive instruments. However, for those seeking a broader spectrum of harmonious sounds, exploring instruments similar to the handpan opens the door to a rich and diverse musical landscape. In this blog post, we'll embark on a journey to discover instruments that share a harmonic kinship with the handpan, each offering its own unique qualities and cultural influences.

Hang Drum:
The Hang Drum, often confused with the handpan due to its similar appearance, is a predecessor to the handpan itself. Developed by PANArt in Switzerland, the Hang Drum features a distinct UFO-like shape and produces warm, resonant tones. Though its production has ceased, the Hang Drum remains a sought-after instrument.

Steel Tongue Drum:
The Steel Tongue Drum is a percussive instrument that shares some similarities with the handpan in terms of its steel construction and melodic capabilities. Crafted with tongues of varying lengths, the instrument is played with hands or mallets, producing soothing and meditative sounds.

Tongue Drum:
Similar to the Steel Tongue Drum, the Tongue Drum is a percussion instrument with tuned tongues arranged in a circular or linear pattern. Available in various sizes and scales, the Tongue Drum offers a versatile and portable alternative to the handpan, suitable for both beginners and experienced musicians.

Hank Drum:
The Hank Drum, often crafted from repurposed propane tanks or other metal containers, is reminiscent of the handpan in its design. While it may have a simpler construction, the Hank Drum produces a unique and charming sound, making it an accessible option for those intrigued by handpan-like instruments.

GUDA Drum:
The GUDA Drum is a tongue drum variant that combines the characteristics of the handpan and traditional tongue drums. With its resonant sound and diverse scales, the GUDA Drum appeals to those seeking a compact and versatile alternative to the handpan.

Evolving from the Hang Drum tradition, the Spacedrum is a contemporary steel drum that retains the handpan's characteristic UFO shape. Available in various scales and materials, the Spacedrum offers a wide range of melodic possibilities and is favored for its expressiveness.