Cosmos Handpan - Ebony Black 12 Notes in D Minor - Tambourine Gift Set

CHF 210.00セーブ

Choose HZ: 432HZ
販売価格CHF 771.00 通常価格CHF 981.00

Pure Black 12 Notes D minor:

D3/A3  Bb3  C4  D4   E4   F4   G4  A4  C5  D5  F5

    Product Presentation

    •  Scale: D minor
    •  Material: STL 430 stainless steel
    •  Weight: 4 Kg
    •  Diameter: 55.6 cm
    •  Height: 25 cm

    High quality manufacturing
    1)Handmade Scales

    Handmade Scales

    2)Sudden fire process

    Sudden fire process



    Experience the enchanting melodies of the D minor scale handpan by Cosmos Handpans. Carefully crafted from premium STL 430 stainless steel, this handpan not only ensures exceptional durability but also produces a rich, warm, and resonant tone. With a weight of just 4 kg, a diameter of 55.6 cm, and a height of 25 cm, it is designed to be perfectly balanced for ease of transport and comfortable playability.

    The D minor scale is renowned for its versatility and emotional depth, making it one of the most sought-after scales among handpan enthusiasts. The D minor scale creates a world of possibilities, allowing for intricate compositions and spontaneous improvisations. Whether you are a professional musician or a passionate beginner, the D minor handpan will take your musical expression to new heights.

    Each handpan is a testament to our dedication to quality and craftsmanship. At Cosmos Handpans, we understand the significance of creating an instrument that not only sounds exceptional but also resonates with the player. Our artisans employ precise tuning techniques and use only the finest materials to ensure that every note you play is clear, harmonious, and true.


    Accessories Included

    •  A tripod
    •  A large protective and transport case
    •  2 drumsticks
    •  A suitable cleaning cloth

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