9 Notes Handpan Custom

Style: pure
Choose Hz: 432 Hz
Handpan Scale: D Minor
Sale price$749.00 USD

Why Choose Us

✓ Ideal for beginners with no prior music experience

✓ Great for exploring new sounds

✓ Intuitive and effortless to play

✓ Simple to learn

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Delve deeply into your emotions with the Kurd D minor scale

The Kurd D minor scale is one of the most enchanting choices for musicians venturing into the world of Handpans. Known for its melodic richness, this scale can evoke a wide range of emotions, providing a musical journey that is both introspective and freeing.

The best value for your money in Cosmos:

**At Cosmos**, every musical instrument is crafted by our team of professional manufacturers. We strive to provide you with **superior quality** instruments that are unique worldwide, enabling you to play harmonious melodies that will transcend and balance your mind.

✓ High-quality assembly and manufacturing.

✓ Precise note tuning.

✓ U Unmatched quality at an unbeatable price.

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